ponding water


Flat roofing is at greater risk for pooled water and damage because there is no natural slope to guide water away unlike from a sloped roof. With flat roofing being a popular option for commercial properties, there are things you can do to help remove water from your flat roofing. Following the steps below, you can safely remove water from the roof and prevent long-term damage.

Start by sweeping the water off manually each time there is any accumulation on the surface. You can make a channel from wood and plywood that runs from the deepest point to the edge of the roof. By cutting the roof open and sinking it down you can create a channel, giving the water somewhere to flow. After sweeping water away, lay down fireboard and cover it with a sheet. Then you roll the membrane over this so that it will be built up to make it level with the rest of the roof. You can open the roof at the deepest point that water accumulated and dig out the fiberboard to find out where the beams are. If you come across any dampness or rotten wood after cutting open the roof, you need to remove that and replace it with new wood. Once new wood is in place, you can sink it down to make a nice channel running straight down. Once fiberboard is removed, you cut the boards to make a channel.

Lower the channel to where you want it and be prepared to come across the fascia board. This is where you need to create the scuppers and once cut, the water will either pour off the roof or into a gutter if you have one. You cannot go any lower than the gutter, so you need to cut at that point and then install boards so that the membrane comes to lay slightly over them, pouring the water away. Cut out the fascia so you can put the boards in place to run straight to the gutter. Once flush with the gutter, place two by fours down, then plywood, and then the membrane. The next step is to install cleats on both sides and the plywood will rest on these creating a nice ramp for the water. Screw down your plywood into the cleats and the channel is complete. Use metal edging for the scupper edge. This can attach to the membrane which will lead to the gutter.

Final word

Follow these helpful tips to remove water from your flat roof. For help with removing water or with flat roof maintenance call us today as your local roofing experts and we will be happy to get your roof water-free.