Why does your roof leak after installing solar

People worry about leaks when considering solar panels. In most cases the roof will not leak after installation’s complete. But, this is only true when installation is done professionally. If the solar panels have been improperly installed, it will be clear right away. Most people notice leaks within the first year if there are any problems. The good news is that problems are rare, and you can easily identify the issue before serious damage is done. The most common issues with solar panels involve poor wiring and dirty materials, but with leaks, the problem is usually more substantial. If there is a leak, there are some possible culprits.

→ The roof is not compatible with the panels

Solar panel installation involves drilling into the roof, and not all materials are compatible for this. This does not mean you cannot have solar panels, but the installation will require additional considerations. When you don’t have the ideal roof, poor installation is even more likely to cause leaks, so if possible replace the areas of the roof where the panels will be placed.

→ Inadequate installation

This is the most frequent cause of leaks after solar panel installation. A reputable and experienced installer will know how to work with all roofing materials to make sure you get a tight fit and no risk of leaks. Inexperienced workers or those using unqualified subcontractors cannot provide the same guarantees. Proper installation is the only way to make sure your solar panels do not leak even during heavy rain.

→ Aged roofing

Many choose to install solar panels onto their older roof, rather than replacing the roof, but this is not recommended. An older roof will already have experienced some deterioration and will be weaker. Places, where they may be rot or soft spots, will not be stable for drilling and supporting panels. The addition of panels to weakened roofing can create potentially serious problems down the road. When it comes time to replace this older roofing, you also have to remove the solar panel array which can be very costly.  Before considering solar panels, keep the age and condition of your roof in mind. If it is older, then replacing the roof before panel installation is recommended. A reputable and professional installer can help you with this.

Roofing Care After Solar Panel Installation

The first step for any solar panel installation is to hire a qualified installation team. They will evaluate your roof and develop an efficient plan for getting your panels installed. We are experienced in commercial solar panel installations. Old materials can be identified and replaced before installation and the panels will be installed properly. This is the best way to reduce the risk of leaking after installation. When looking for an installer to help you, beware of those that may take advantage of your ‘leaky roof’ fears. They will try to insist that you need a roofer when adding solar, but most roofers do not know the proper ways to drill for and install solar panels. You need a qualified solar panel installation team for the project. Be sure to ask if they are subcontracting out any of the work, as many will use qualified electricians for the wiring.

Final Word

Take the time to research solar panel installation companies before you decide. Look for an installer that offers an expensive warranty too. With some research, you can hire the best solar panel installer for proper panel installation and reduced risks of leaks or any other serious problems down the road.