Roofing varies from building to building and they are not all equal when it comes to standing up to high temperatures. Summers lasting longer and longer, and it becomes a priority to protect the roofing from the damages of extreme summer heat. It is also important to keep energy costs down during these high temperatures in the Phoenix suburbs.

Protect Your Roof Form The Summer Heat

You need to choose the right materials and proper installation methods to make sure your roof is protected from heat and to increase sustainability and interior comfort. The right selection can save you as much as 40% of annual energy costs, so it is worth looking into the best ways to protect your roofing. To understand how you can save money and improve efficiency, you first need to understand how the sun causes damage. Sunlight is divided into several types of rays:

  • Infrared rays cannot be seen, produce heat, and make up the majority of the sunlight.
  • UV rays are cannot be seen or felt but cause a lot of damage to roofing.
  • Visible rays make up the rest of the sunlight, which we can see.

Unpainted metal roofing will reflect a certain amount of light and heat away from the roof. When you add a pale color coating, you can reflect away most infrared and UV rays, protecting your roof from the most damage. Even if you stick with darker-color metal roofing, these will still emit up to 85% of solar heat gain which will keep your building cool during warmer weather. Metal roofing is given a rating and evaluated as ENERGY-STAR qualified based on how well it reflects solar heat and its thermal emittance. When using an ENERGY-STAR metal roof, you can reduce your roof temperatures by as much as 100 degrees, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

You can also work to maximize energy savings and heat protection by:

  • Monitoring airflow and ventilation, and using good eve and ridge ventilation systems will help keep the roof temperature consistent.
  • Checking building codes to ensure your insulation meets standards.
  • Using high-quality materials and a reputable manufacturer with good warranties.
  • Consider using sustainable materials where possible to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

There are several ways you can protect your roof and your building from the heat. During the summer heat, roofing can get hot, which means the building gets hot too. Investing in ways to keep the roof cool helps reduce energy use, save money, and keeps your roof in better condition for longer. Call us today for any questions or an inspection of your roof. We will help get your roof protected from the heat.